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St. Petersburg - Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating 

HVAC contractors come and go, and that’s why we’re proud of more than decades of service to the St. Petersburg, Florida area. We are pleased to serve our community and to help secure year-round comfort in your homes and business. Let us make your home the sanctuary it was meant to be. From air conditioning repair to maintenance contracts, we provide a range of solutions that keep the heat at bay in summer and cold out of your home during winter.

You can consider the experienced professionals at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating as craftsmen skilled in exceptional HVAC services and experience. Whether it’s air conditioning and furnace repairs and installations or detailed maintenance services, we can do it. We offer a variety of services to tackle any of your HVAC issues and tailor our services to your needs, so you know you’re getting a personalized experience. No job is too complicated for our technicians and experienced team.

Your heating and air conditioning system is a vital part of your home. Without it, you would struggle to keep comfortable (as well as safe!) when the temperatures get into the extremes. And you can keep your system running reliably and efficiently for a great price.

As your HVAC technicians are just as detail-oriented when it comes to heating and air conditioning repairs. We keep our vehicles fully stocked with a variety of tools and parts to avoid wasting time. All of the parts our HVAC technicians use are of the highest quality and up to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. We bolster that with a company culture committed to exceptional customer service at all times. Our employees love what they do and are happy to provide the HVAC services you need to keep you satisfied. We are here for you when you need fast, quality HVAC service at affordable rates. 

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Serving A Wide Area
We proudly serve Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco County’s air conditioning and heating needs.
  • Trusted, Reliable Pros Our certified technicians pride themselves on legendary customer service and a comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Backed By Experience Our family has been serving Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco County’s air conditioning and heating needs since 1972.
  • Emergency Services We aim to accommodate emergency services whenever we can, so call us ASAP.

AC Repair Near Me 

It’s great when your AC is working perfectly and it can be quite easy to take your system for granted. But when your system breaks down, starts leaking or begins to overheat, it can spell disaster not to mention major discomfort on the hottest days of the year. At Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, we get to you fast and provide efficient Air Conditioner Repair Service so you can get on with the rest of your day. Our 24-hour air conditioning service team will get to you promptly at any time of the day in case of emergencies and resolve the problem.

We have decades of experience and only choose the highest quality, dependable air conditioners from the leading names in the industry. These are units that have been carefully selected for our customers because they represent great value, high efficiency and trusted quality.

Whether you need air conditioner repairs or regular ac unit service, our helpful and friendly team would be happy to serve your needs. Our expert cooling technicians can also give you reliable and professional advice on the best solution to suit your needs.

Continuing to use a malfunctioning air conditioning system could cause it to fail. A prompt repair prevents additional damage and saves you money on replacing major parts. Having our certified technicians complete your air conditioning repair also maintains your warranty. The days of searching the web for “AC repair near me” are over. Don’t delay your call to us. Get in touch with Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating the moment you notice you have a problem with your cooling system and we will fix your ac unit and get you back up and running again. Learn more about AC Repair Near Me

Air Conditioner Repair 

You rely on your air conditioning unit to perform at maximum efficiency when you need it the most, and when your system breaks, you need expert help fast—especially in the hot summers of the Florida. At Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, our Air Conditioner Repair experts are available day or night to provide you with timely, high-quality solutions that restore your system back to working order. With our highly trained techs, state-of-the-art equipment, and affordable pricing, you can count on us for all of your air conditioning needs.

So if you suspect something is amiss with your Air Conditioner, Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating would be more than happy to provide you with quality air conditioner repair. During the appointment, one of our expert AC repair technicians will perform a thorough inspection of the unit and diagnose the damage. Once we understand the nature of the issue, including what replacement parts we’ll need and how long it will take to repair, we’ll give you an honest price estimate.

How much does air conditioner repair cost? The cost of air conditioner repair depends on the issue your AC is facing. We consider jobs like tune-ups, capacitor replacements, fan motor repair, and refrigerant recharges to be relatively minor. More serious air conditioner repairs can cost higher and can include jobs like replacing the condenser coil, evaporator coil, or compressor.

We respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected AC unit breakdowns in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our team is the one you can rely on to get things done for all your air conditioner problems, regardless of the unit type, make, and model.

Learn more about what we have to offer today by giving us a call, or request additional information now by filling out our brief online form in our website. Learn more about Air Conditioner Repair

AC Repair 

Are you looking for professional, expert AC Repair services in St. Petersburg, Florida from a company that will always get your AC working again? Then look no further than Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating.

We specialize in AC repair in St. Petersburg, FL and our team would love to help you get cool again. We’ll get to you quickly, because we don’t want you to get too hot. Once we’re at your house, we’ll fix your AC fast so you don’t suffer in the heat.

The earlier a problem with your cooling system is detected, the better the chances are that there is a simple and inexpensive fix. If you wait until the system fails completely, you’re likely to face a much more expensive air conditioning installation. That’s why we recommend calling us for home AC Repairs at the first sign of trouble.

No matter when you find yourself in need of AC Repair, we can be there soon to get things under control and running again. Our AC Repair service staff works 24/7 to respond to our customers’ calls for help and get them quickly back to cool conditions.

There is no need to wait for a company that works regular hours, as we work whenever you need us to! We show up quickly and work fast on AC Repair service jobs because we know how it is that you are comfortable at home in St. Petersburg.

Work with us to get your AC fixed fast. We’ll send out an expert to complete your AC Repair services. Our tech will start by speaking with you about the problems you’re experiencing, so we can know exactly what we’re looking at. Then we’ll take a look at the AC unit itself and test parts until we find out what’s wrong.

Once we know what’s broken, we usually know the solution right away, too. We’ll talk you through what to expect, as well as through any options you might have. Then we’ll get straight to work on your air conditioning repair in St. Petersburg, FL. Learn more about AC Repair

Air Conditioner Repair Near Me 

When the heat is scorching outside, your air conditioner has to work hard to make sure the inside of your home stays cool. Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating has the experienced professionals your air conditioner needs to run again! Our company is locally owned, expertly operated, and ready to help you with all of your air conditioner needs. We keep our vehicles well-stocked with common parts, so 90% of air conditioner problems can be fixed on our first visit!

Air conditioners have many parts, each of which can break down over time. When air conditioning isn’t working right, it can be caused by several parts inside and outside of your air conditioner. In many instances, a combination of things can be wrong with your system. That’s why having a highly trained professional is key to getting good repairs.

Our team will come to your house, examine the problem, and use our skills and experience to diagnose the root problem quickly. We never do more unless you approve it first, and we’ll always keep you updated about the costs and options associated with the repair.

Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating is solely focused on two things: results and customer experience. We arrive on time and leave each home looking just as clean as it was when we arrived. Our technicians are licensed, highly trained, and up-to-date on the latest developments in the HVAC industry.

We don’t just make promises—we back them with industry-leading guarantees. If you’re unhappy with our repairs for any reason, we’ll make it right. We also know how unpleasant waiting for an air conditioner repair can be. We’ll make an appointment with you and keep it, so you don’t have to wait around for us. If we are late for any reason, we’ll pay you back for the inconvenience. Learn more about Air Conditioner Repair Near Me

AC Servicing Near Me 

When you have a problem with your air conditioner and wondering who to call in St. Petersburg, FL for your AC repair turn to Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating for fast quality service. We are locally owned & have been providing quality air conditioning services in the St. Petersburg area for over 20 years. We are open 24-hours a day and will always answer our phone when you have an issue with your air conditioner.

Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating has a full team of trained Air Conditioning experts ready to respond to your air conditioning problem. When you have a problem with your air conditioner we’re here for you.

When your air conditioner isn’t working and the temperatures are rising you need fast service and cooling company that has the knowledge to troubleshoot the ac unit as fast as possible. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot your air conditioner quickly get it back up and running. As part of our service our HVAC experts will walk you through what repairs need to be made and upfront pricing so you don’t have any surprises.

When you choose us, you get an “AC Servicing Near Me” expert at your home that will immediately troubleshoot your cooling system. Our AC techs will always work to repair your system before we recommend replacement. There is nothing worse than being worried about whether the repair will cost a little or worried that it can’t be fixed and needs to be replaced. We pride ourselves on being transparent and making sure there are no surprises with your bill or your experience.

We repair all makes and models of air conditioners. We understand that unexpected problems with your heating and cooling system are frustrating. Our job is to ensure that you get an upfront price and the peace of mind knowing that a knowledgeable tech will come prepared to repair your air conditioner. We help you avoid any surprises by keeping you informed throughout the repair process so you can feel confident in our ability. Plus, we stand behind our work 100% and guarantee your satisfaction. Learn more about AC Servicing Near Me

Air Conditioner Servicing 

To ensure your air conditioner performs at the desired and optimum efficiency, regular services on your unit must be implemented. An air conditioner service also prevents mechanical breakdown.

In some cases, a broken air conditioning system will simply stop working, and it is not possible to keep using the system even though it is damaged. However, it is also common for a broken system to struggle along despite having broken or worn out components. Using a system that is damaged or in poor condition creates additional strain on other components. Essentially, one small repair item could be addressed quickly and with minimal cost, or that problem could grow to create additional problems that must be repaired with greater cost to the homeowner. By making repairs early, you can keep costs lower.

Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating offers a comprehensive air conditioner service structure as well as an experienced repair service. Our service team services and repairs all brands of AC units and only make use of trusted repair techniques and parts.

Rest assured, whether it’s a no obligation quote to update your existing system or to have a new system installed, or to have a service technician call.

Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating will have someone there to make sure you’re always at the correct temperature. Our service promise is built on the guarantee of superior air conditioner servicing and maintenance by a team of experienced air conditioner technicians that are on-hand to deliver quality services with a smile.

For more information or a quotation about air conditioning servicing, please call us or email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Learn more about Air Conditioner Servicing

  • “When your air goes out and you need help fast Bay Breeze delivers. The experience with Todd and his team at Bay Breeze was top notch and tech(Angus) was great!”

    Chris C.
  • “When your air is out in August and you live in Florida (Tampa), you need help fast and hope youre going to be satisfied. The experience with Todd and his team at Bay Breeze.”

    Brian H.
  • “Company was on time, came within the given time frame.”

    Kayla P.
  • “Great service all around. The girls in the office were very helpful. The technician was very informative with the whole process.”

    Dustin M.
  • “The staff was amazing! Everyone was very friendly and informative.”

    Mandi N.

Air Conditioning Repair Service 

Air conditioner won’t turn on? Cooling system making funny noises after beginning? Don’t sweat it. Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating technicians are ready to help when you need air conditioning repairs in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For over 20 years in the HVAC industry, the Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating team has delivered quick and reliable air conditioner repair services for homeowners in St. Petersburg, Florida area. Our team is available anytime, day or night, to assist when you face a cooling emergency.

Don’t sweat it out in a hot home due to a poorly performing cooling unit! Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating offers tested solutions to solve the specific performance issues your air conditioner faces! Our highly trained technicians perform thorough diagnostics which allow your AC unit issues to be pinpointed with accuracy. With accurate diagnosis, effective repairs can be completed to ensure the issue is resolved and your air conditioner goes on to exhibit high performance throughout the season.

It’s tempting to wait for Air Conditioning Repair Service, especially if the issue seems minor. Many St. Petersburg homeowners try to do so because they fear the repair service fee will be expensive. Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating warns against this tactic because it is exactly what can make your AC repair bill high! Continued operation of an air conditioner with performance issues leads to further damage and possibly even complete system failure – your repairs are likely to be more expensive when you wait! Call us when you first notice air conditioning system issues if the troubleshooting steps discussed below do not correct the issue. Learn more about Air Conditioning Repair Service

24-Hour AC Repair 

Waiting for your air conditioning system to be repaired can feel like a lifetime, especially if your system breaks down in the middle of a hot night and you can’t get service until the morning. We understand that your time and your comfort is valuable, so we won’t keep you waiting.

At Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, we never want you and your family to suffer through a hot summer day without proper air conditioning, which is why we offer 24-Hour AC Repair in St. Petersburg, FL. We understand that air conditioners have a way of breaking down at the most inconvenient times, so we’re always ready to help—day and night, we are ready to serve you!

Our technicians are highly-trained and certified to provide you with superior AC repair services quickly and efficiently, 24 hours a day. No matter the size of your repair, be it big or small, our AC experts can handle any task on time and on budget.

AC systems use a variety of complex moving parts, and in the Florida heat, these parts can wear out quickly. If a part breaks, it can cause damage to surrounding areas of the system—which is why many AC repairs simply can’t wait.

At Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, our entire staff is committed to earning your trust and valued business. We believe it is our dedication to superior customer service and unmatched quality in our workmanship that has helped us to earn the business of our loyal customers over the years.

If you are in need of AC repair in St. Petersburg, FL, contact us to schedule an appointment. If your repairs simply can’t wait, take advantage of our 24-hour AC Repair by calling us immediately. Learn more about 24-Hour AC Repair

AC Repair Service 

How do you know if you need an AC repair service or if it’s time to replace the system? What are some common AC problems, and can you diagnosis an air conditioner problem yourself? At Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, we believe the more you know about air conditioning and heating repair, the more likely you are to choose us as your air conditioning service company!

Ensure your family remains comfortable—even when the temperatures reach record highs—by calling on the air conditioning experts at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. Whether you need reliable AC Repair or your annual AC service before temperatures start to soar, our experienced technicians at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating can get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating is St. Petersburg’s choice for air conditioning services, including repair and maintenance. Our team services every major model and brand of air conditioner in the industry, and we have an extensive amount of experience in fixing registers, intake ducts, thermostats, electrical systems, condensers, evaporators, and other AC system components.

We will arrive at your home with the latest tools and equipment to ensure a correct diagnosis and repair on your AC system. When you have a problem with your air conditioner, you can count on us to be there quickly and do great work at a fair price.

Repairing your AC avoids having to spend on replacing it. It can also save on energy costs because a faulty air conditioner can waste more power while trying to achieve the same temperature. In addition to eliminating power drain, repairs help make your home or office more comfortable. Even a simple tune up can result in higher efficiency, cleaner air, and improved reliability.

Never ask “Where can I find AC Repair Service near me?” again! For fast and expert AC repair service, contact us today! Learn more about AC Repair Service

Emergency AC Repair 

In addition to the regular AC repair services we offer, our Emergency AC repair service helps ensure that no matter when your air conditioning emergency happens, you have help available. When your AC system breaks down unexpectedly after-hours in the heat of summer, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back. Simply call our office, and we’ll dispatch a qualified emergency service technician as soon as possible.

Emergency service calls can be quite inconvenient, especially during the middle of the night or the early morning. For many common AC problems like a noisy blower belt, dirty condenser, or leaking ductwork, the repairs can often wait until business hours, saving you time and money. A true AC emergency needs immediate attention to keep your home cool and to avoid further system damage. This can include an AC unit that will not start at all, a system with major refrigerant leaks, or a compressor that is overheating or making loud noises. However, at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, we will get the help you need quickly, day or night.

We believe in more than satisfied customers. Our team of highly skilled technicians is trained and knowledgeable on how to diagnose and solve any Air Conditioning problem that you may be experiencing. On every job, big or small, we’ll work hard to exceed your expectations and provide you with excellent customer service. Stop asking yourself, “Where can I find Emergency AC Repair services near me?” The answer is Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating! Call us today to schedule an Emergency AC Repair visit to your St. Petersburg, Florida home. Our local air conditioning company can provide same-day service and return your home to a comfortable temperature. Learn more about Emergency AC Repair.

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