• General Tips From Our Team

    • What is the benefit of becoming a Chill Club member?

      When you become a Bay Breeze Chill Club Member you get our priority service. Included with your 2 maintenances per, no diagnostic or service fees and new system voucher we promise to give you our class A service. Every 6 months you will get an e-mail reminder to set up your maintenance so it does not get forgotten and your system is insured to run the best that it can. We will change out your filters, either bought through our company or provided by you. We want our loyal clients to feel like family.

      • Katie N (Office Manager)
    • How often to change filters?

      That depends on what type of filter and system you have. 1-inch filters are recommended to change out every 30 days; even if they don’t look dirty there are microorganisms that the filter catches that we cannot see. 4- and 5-inch filters are recommended to change every 4 to 6 months depending on the environment in your house. Animals, children and even candles can make a big difference in how often your filter needs to be changed.

      • Dameon R (Maintenance Technician)
    • How to keep ducts and system free of biological growth?

      Florida is a high humidity state which is the perfect breeding ground for biological growth in your ducts and Air Conditioning unit. To combat biological growth, I always recommend installing a UV light and making sure to get bi-annual maintenances performed on your system. Getting the maintenance twice a year lets your technicians keep an eye on if a problem starts to occur.

      • Rob P (Service Manager)

      Maintenances, UV lights and sanitizing your duct work is always recommended. UV lights keep your coil clean, keep allergens out of your home and keep your system free of biological growth.

      • Angus B (Technician)
    • What is included in a maintenance?

      Safety checks of the electrical and mechanical components, flushing of the drain line, washing of the coil and cleaning outside unit of debris. We also check your freon pressures to make sure that your system is running efficiently with no leaks.

      • Dameon R (Maintenance Technician)

      After checking with the client that their system has been working up to their standards, I start an efficiency check on the system, checking voltage, pressures and drain lines. After checking the system, I clear the drain line, clean off the coil and make sure there is no biological growth on or around the system and its duct work.

      • Angus B (Technician)
    • Why is maintaining your system so important?

      Maintaining your system is like changing oil in your car, you do it to maintain the operation for an extended period.

      • Josh H (Install Team Lead)

      Your energy bills will appreciate this, the energy company will get less of your hard-earned money.

      • Rob P (Service Manager)