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HVAC Companies 

HVAC repair necessities can be frustrating, especially when you are worried about getting good service and fair pricing. Now you don’t have to search further than Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating.

We are proud of what we do and are passionate about HVAC service. We have only the most proficient technicians and the best practices in all that we do. When you hire us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, we can promise you:

  • Technicians with the proper licenses, certifications, and insurance
  • Skilled team members who are experienced to work on traditional and modern systems
  • The greatest heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products
  • Effective repair and maintenance services
  • 100% fulfillment warrantied

When it’s the period for a system replacement, we possess all the products you must have. We concentrate on performance and value for money when suggesting systems for our clients.

As one of the top HVAC companies in Clearwater, Florida, we at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating have been providing reliable HVAC services to home and property owners in Clearwater, FL, for years. You can rest assured that we will take good care of your HVAC unit. Please call us today.

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  • “When your air goes out and you need help fast Bay Breeze delivers. The experience with Todd and his team at Bay Breeze was top notch and tech(Angus) was great!”

    Chris C.
  • “When your air is out in August and you live in Florida (Tampa), you need help fast and hope youre going to be satisfied. The experience with Todd and his team at Bay Breeze.”

    Brian H.
  • “Company was on time, came within the given time frame.”

    Kayla P.
  • “Great service all around. The girls in the office were very helpful. The technician was very informative with the whole process.”

    Dustin M.
  • “The staff was amazing! Everyone was very friendly and informative.”

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Clearwater HVAC Companies

Picking the right Clearwater HVAC companies is essential for getting the best installation, maintenance, and repair work. There are several contractors in Clearwater, but not all have the same level of expertise, experience, or HVAC knowledge like ours at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. Hiring the wrong technicians can have several consequences and not very nice ones. First, the HVAC system will not be placed correctly; then, they may cause problems, and worst of all, they might charge you more for very poor service.

Here are some of the essential things you can look out for:

  • Knowledge
  • Reputation
  • License and insurance
  • Specialization in the majority of the top HVAC brands and products
  • Written estimates

These are a few of the important things you must remember when looking for a trustworthy HVAC service in Clearwater, FL.

With the proper HVAC service, you can guarantee a correct and safe installation. HVAC systems need to be measured, sized, and installed in the right places to ensure the best heating and cooling results. You need technicians that can manage these responsibilities with the best care and understanding. The right HVAC contractor will also ensure that you pick the right HVAC system that matches your need. It will save you tons of time and money while assuring your home or office has the best HAVC solutions. More importantly, the right technicians will ensure your HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance is accomplished safely without causing any damage.

If you need a reliable HVAC company in Clearwater, please call us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating today!

What are the Top 5 HVAC Brands?

If all HVAC systems look similar to you, how can you possibly know which brand to buy? That’s simple— you can turn to the professionals, like us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. We know which brands are the greatest in their fields, as well as what you need to know about a unit you’re considering.

If you are Googling, “what are the top 5 HVAC Brands?” Here are brands that come off the same manufacturing lines — just different labels, paint, and marketing:

  • Lennox, Armstrong, and Concord
  • Trane and American Standard
  • Carrier, Payne, Bryant and Tempstar
  • York, Lux, and Coleman
  • Goodman and Amana

Important Aspects Of An HVAC System: 

There are few terms you’ll need to know when looking at HVAC systems. Fortunately, the top brands we’ve suggested take all of these factors into assessment while manufacturing their units.


Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a thing the leading names are very concerned with. SEER is a measuring system that allows customers and industry specialists to know how efficiently an HVAC unit can perform.

That’s important for you because having an efficient unit can save you money by wielding less energy to heat or cool your home. The higher the SEER rating, the more effective that unit. But it’s an equalizing act because the higher the unit’s efficiency, the more that unit usually costs.

The minimum SEER number needed for new HVAC units going into a home depends upon where you are.

Noise Control: 

We all love to be comfortable in our homes, but we want our ears to be comfortable, too. Nobody enjoys hearing their HVACs run.

If the sound is a factor when picking an HVAC for you, ensure to mention it to your HVAC-servicing company. They’ll assist you in finding a quiet one among the top lines.

Size Of Home: 

All top HVAC companies produce a broad range of products capable of delivering comfort for a tiny home or even a big one. If you receive a unit created for a small home when you have a vast one, it will run more than it should and have difficulty keeping up.

We at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating can help you narrow down what HVAC brands and sizes are fit for your home. Call us today—we’ll help you choose the right HVAC system and brand for your home! Learn more about Furnace Repair.

Who is the Best HVAC Manufacturer

When you seek to get the best from your household, it’s only right that you invest in the systems that’ll be the most convenient to you. By looking into a great HVAC system, you’ll get residential heating and cooling that keeps you and everyone in your house as comfy as possible. If you are searching for this, you need to research the best brands open to you.

So who is the best HVAC manufacturer?

When you are buying any air conditioning system, you need to look at the best on the market. You can search into the specs and the features that set them apart.

One of the best things you can do when you can look into purchasing an air conditioner purchase is putting together a checklist that will work for you.

This suggests looking into all of the specifications that matter to you and taking the time to shop with some retailers that will allow you to test them out.

When you take the time to shop around, come equipped with a host of questions, and always know your deal breakers when deciding between various systems. If you need assistance in deciding on which HVAC brand to get for your home, please call us today at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating so we can guide you through your options. 

HVAC Companies Near Me 

It is good to have a trusted and reliable HVAC team on your side when you have an air conditioning or heating need. A heat pump that does not produce heat efficiently affects your comfort, health, and energy consumption. We will replace or repair your cooling system to get you through the hot summer months. When you need an explanation for your indoor air quality challenges, you can rely on us for the right solutions. We at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating will give complete services and the best products for your Clearwater, FL, home comfort system, including:

  • Central air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless systems
  • Furnaces and other heating systems
  • Ventilators, dehumidifiers, and other efficient air cleaning products
  • Smart and WiFi thermostats
  • Heating and cooling system maintenance

You can trust that the systems we deliver are created to last. We stay updated on industry trends to know the latest products on the market and the benefits they will give to you. Today’s products are constructed to make a clear difference in comfort and energy savings. Contact us now to help you to find the right product(s) for your home.

There are several HVAC contractors around, but not all are vested in providing excellent customer service. At Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, our clients easily see that we place their preference and satisfaction above everything else. You are, therefore, ensured an excellent and dedicated service. We are thankful to all our longstanding and new customers for their support. 

How Much Should a New HVAC Unit Cost?

“How much should a new HVAC system cost?” is one of the most common questions we at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating always receive! We understand the frustration of not knowing how much replacing or repairing an HVAC system costs, and we’re here to help! Specific cost factors are mentioned for each system kind below. But some factors are the same regardless:

1. Brand

The quality among brands isn’t as great as price variations. The price difference reveals that some customers want “bargain” equipment to save cost, and others want “premium” equipment they believe will run longer with less pain. Therefore, each manufacturer has priced to meet customer perception.

2. Grade

Most brands offer basic, better, and best equipment lines, often related to performance or efficiency.

3. Size

Every HVAC component comes in a range of sizes, meaning their heating or air conditioning capacity. The more capacity the unit has, the more money it requires.

4. Job Complexity

This has a large role in determining the price of installation. The harder the job is, the more time it will consume, and the higher the expenses will be. This can heighten the installation portion of the estimate by 50%.

5. Whether Ductwork is Installed

If you’re installing a ducted HVAC system in new construction or old ducts are in bad condition, new ductwork is a must. The ductwork also has the plenum through which treated air enters the supply ducts and the return drop-through, in which untreated air re-enters the system.

Are you interested in getting an HVAC unit for your Clearwater home, but you’re unsure about the price? Please call us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating so we can guide you through the best options for your budget and preferences.

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All employees undergo regular technical training and have to pass rigorous tests in order to be considered for employment with us. We also require extensive background checks and drug screenings so that you can be sure that only trustworthy air conditioning repair servicers and installers will come to your door.