A Guide To Increasing Air Quality

When we think about increasing air pollution, we never consider the possibility of having polluted air inside our homes. That said, just because we can’t see indoor air pollutants doesn’t mean they can’t harm us. We spend at least half of our days at home.

It’s only by identifying the underlying causes that you can minimize air pollution in your home. So, do you know what can cause indoor air pollution and how you can clean air? Read on to find out.

Carpet Fumes
After a new carpet is installed, there are fumes from the chemicals, and the glue used to stick it to the ground. This is also known as off-gassing and can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, shortness of breath (dyspnea), and asthma-like reactions. Off-gassing usually happens during the first few months but can last longer. It’s better to choose a carpet with natural fiber.

Paint and VOCs
When paints have volatile organic compounds or VOC’s in large amounts, they can cause headaches. The smell usually goes away after the paint dries. Always check for low VOC’s when buying paint for your house.

Poor Ventilation
Proper ventilation ensures clean and fresh indoor air. It also reduces the number of pollutants in the house. A few air conditioning systems are made with dehumidifiers that can regulate the humidity levels in your home.

Secondhand Smoke
As much as smoking harms the smoker, it all harms the nonsmokers around them. If you are smoking inside your home, the harmful pollutants will linger in the air and reach in the lungs of your kids and other family members. These toxins can cause respiratory problems in children. Although air filters and ventilators can reduce such pollutants, the best strategy is to stop smoking altogether.

Air Fresheners
Some air fresheners are full of chemicals like phthalates and formaldehyde, even though they don’t show up on the ingredients list. There is no proper study if our lungs can filter these. However, if you live with kids, think twice before using any air freshener to be dangerous to their bodies.

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