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Emergency AC Repair 

When the weather is hot or humid, or both, a properly operating air conditioner is crucial. If your equipment breaks down, it is a risk to comfort and health. If you are searching for reliable emergency AC repair in Clearwater, FL, we got solutions. Do you require air conditioning services? Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating is a company equipped to address any of your HVAC issues even when an emergency occurs. We have been attending to our Clearwater clients for years now, and they only have kind words to describe the quality of HVAC services we extended to them.

Anyone who has endured the heat and humidity which Florida experiences during summer understands the significance of a reliable and efficient air conditioner. Our experienced and skilled technicians are courteous, professional, and completely reliable. We present onsite trouble-shooting, maintenance, as well as the replacement or installation of new units. We are available to respond to our customers’ emergency needs, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Air conditioning and heating equipment need maintenance, and attention like other machines do. From time to time, the system requires adjustments and attention to guarantee that it operates efficiently and reliably. We have been maintaining and installing the equipment, no matter the brand, make, or AC model.

You have arrived at the right place if you need emergency repairs of your heating and air conditioning system in Clearwater and nearby areas. Call us today!

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  • “When your air goes out and you need help fast Bay Breeze delivers. The experience with Todd and his team at Bay Breeze was top notch and tech(Angus) was great!”

    Chris C.
  • “When your air is out in August and you live in Florida (Tampa), you need help fast and hope youre going to be satisfied. The experience with Todd and his team at Bay Breeze.”

    Brian H.
  • “Company was on time, came within the given time frame.”

    Kayla P.
  • “Great service all around. The girls in the office were very helpful. The technician was very informative with the whole process.”

    Dustin M.
  • “The staff was amazing! Everyone was very friendly and informative.”

    Mandi N.

Clearwater Emergency AC Repair

Finding someone to conduct a Clearwater emergency AC repair doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our AC repair specialists at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating are available 24/7 for emergency services. Don’t spend a humid Clearwater night with no air conditioning when you have Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating just a phone call away. With accumulated years of experience and skills, you won’t encounter a more qualified or skilled group of technicians to fix your unit.

Low freon? Broken air handler? Filthy air filters? We can repair your air conditioner! Call us to schedule an appointment or book your appointment online now. Don’t sweat for another night in Clearwater with no air conditioning.

Your cooling systems work hard to keep your house at the ideal temperature, so breakdowns and mechanical malfunctions are usual occurrences. Fortunately, your systems may give you a heads up before they completely break down. Keep your eyes out for the following warning signs that your HVAC system may need professional attention.

Air conditioner breakdowns are always a bad thing, especially during the hot and humid days of summertime. Fortunately, our HVAC experts are here to provide quality AC repair to help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the season. If your unit gets too hot when running, that’s a clear sign that there are issues that need to be resolved.

Whether your air conditioner isn’t cooling right or your furnace is making your winter nights far too chilly, an experienced HVAC contractor from Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating can help! Please call us today!

How Much Does Emergency AC Repair Cost?

If you want to get your damaged AC system repaired as soon as possible, you’ll have to hire an emergency repair service. Emergency AC repair companies are usually available for hire throughout the day and can reach your location within hours. Still, many people considering emergency repairs have concerns regarding the potential costs.

Are you wondering, “how much does emergency AC repair cost?” The following are all of the major factors that affect the costs of emergency AC repairs.

The part that’s broken: The part that has to be repaired or replaced will make the biggest impact on the cost to fix your central AC. For example, if you have to replace a condensate pump, it will be a much cheaper repair than replacing your evaporator coil.

Warranties: Most AC systems come with a parts warranty that lasts 10 years and may cover the cost of the part that needs to be repaired.

Quality of the technicians: The more qualified or experienced a technician is, the more they usually charge for service. However, this isn’t a cost factor you want to skimp on since hiring an unqualified tech could cost you more in the long run.

If you need emergency AC repair, but you’re hesitant about the costs, please call us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. Our experts can guide you through the costs and the best options for your AC unit. We look forward to working with you. Learn more about HVAC Repair.

How do I get my AC Work Again?

There are several different types of AC systems: HVAC, ductless, split, mini-split… All of these AC systems are complicated and consist of several different parts. Any number of issues can lead to their failure. Here at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, these are the most common reasons for AC failure that we see:

1. Thermostat Problems:

Thermostats are tricky little tools that are in charge of switching your AC cycle on and off. If they aren’t working exactly right, you can encounter problems from your AC unit not turning on to poor temperature regulation.

2. AC Drain Line Clogs:

You should have your drain line in your AC unit regularly cleaned – unless you fancy floods!

3. Overheated AC Unit:

When your AC unit overheats, it can make the circuit breaker trip. The initial response to this problem is normally to flip the circuit back on. Still, this doesn’t address the problem of why the AC unit overheated in the first place. Your AC unit may have issues causing it to overheat, such as filthy coils or filters.

4. Dirty AC Air Filters:

It is essential to change your air conditioner air filter frequently. Otherwise, dusty air will be blown throughout your house and can cause health issues. A dirty air filter will also influence your AC unit’s performance and lead to failure when parts become smeared in dirt, dust, and grime.

5. AC Making Loud Noises

Similar to any other machine with moving parts, your AC unit needs to be kept lubricated. Otherwise, parts will wear down. The parts might fail, or your AC unit may start making loud noises.

6. Low Refrigerant Levels

Most AC systems rely on refrigerants to function. If refrigerant levels get low (like from leaks), then the unit will not be able to cool efficiently or not at all. An indication that you have low refrigerant levels is that your AC unit is blasting hot air.

We Quickly Solve AC Problems

Our Clearwater AC specialists are experts at what they do. We always come in vans fully stocked with replacement parts for common AC issues, such as replacement thermostats and filters. If you need emergency AC repairs that are reliable and cost-effective, call us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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